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Yellow Sally – White

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One of the problems with white is the bleached hair is delicate and often has broken tips on the hide, which is evident in this series. It is a rare find to get a bright white bleached fine hair coastal deer hide suitable for small flies, but I will be searching soon, as my current patch is nearly stripped clean.

ys w DWW_4537

The broken tips is suitable for a down-wing pattern such as this, but I would not use it for comparaduns.

The underside, as seen by the trout.

ys w DWW_4539

The wing here is a little long, but a little variety in the box is okay in many cases. Though the colour is a better match than the previous post to the natural, I do prefer the deer hair wing on the previous fly.



Written by raspberryfisher

2015/08/17 at 04:07

Posted in Dry Flies, Fly-Fishing

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  1. Gr8 looking pattern. I agree with finding bleached deer hair for small patterns. I alos find the same issue on finding coastal deer hair for my size #20 or #22 comparaduns. There needs to be enough flair and fine fibers at the tips of the hair to keep the body from becoming too bulky.

    John Simonson

    2015/08/18 at 07:10

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