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My Standard Hooks

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To close my discussion on standard hooks, here is my current table of hooks that I use or have used.

  • Those “cells” in a solid box are my standards,  those in the
  • Whited dotted box are acceptable backups, and
  • Hooks in a grey box are out of favour.
  • The light grey box also indicates the known range of the hook, and an
  • empty white box indicates a hook I wish to investigate.

The selection of a hook is based on many attributes associated with its intended use, from the gap, weight, shape and body length which is measured.

hook reference2

I have two other boxes storing salmon and spey hooks.

As noted earlier, manufacturer’s sizes mean little and I learnt a long time ago, I might a hook in one size, but another.  So I decided to tie flies based on body length, and select the best sized hook based on body length and not a manufacturer’s description.


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2015/08/22 at 03:41

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