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Last (planned) dry tie fly for the year – Sulphur Dun

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To complete my collection of suphur flies that are very yellow and “can” tend towards chartreuse, here is my yellow sulphur dun. Key notes that distinguishes from a production fly:

  • The body is Danville yellow thread and varnish – 3 coats and wait a week. It is simple but requires patience.
  • The hackle and dyed mallard is dyed by me to suit my expectation – a brighter yellow than any production fly.  I do not dye a complete cape, but select the feathers I want from a white cape, and dye accordingly.
  • I note that I changed thread at the head to Veevus to minimize bulk, but it does have the same saturation as Danville. I do not like applying “cement” to the head once done to reduce bleeding back to the had, so I just tie a nice whip finish knot with wax.

sulphur DWW_4587



Written by raspberryfisher

2015/08/29 at 20:18

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