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the Ugly – last fuzzy nymph-streamer tie for 2015

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Tied on a TMC 5163 Size 10 Hook, but arguably a short wet fly hook such as Kamasan B175 might be a better fit (would result in a full hackle body). As such the fly has three distinct parts.

  • Tail – Muskrat with long guard fibers with the underbody fur.
  • Lower Body – Dubbing – Muskrat and Wolf (I do not have Coyote)
  • Upper Body – Dubbing + 2 Grizzly Hen Hackles

I am using a silver wire to re-enforce the body, with a silver bead-head and a wire wound weighted hook shank.

ugly IMG_1779

ugly IMG_1960

An experiment, the tail being muskrat with a heavy dub of wolf guard hairs around the tail.

ugly IMG_1955

The Ugly is a traditional (old) Ausable Pattern, and in many ways it is similar to a Wooly Bugger but (I am speculating) relying on hairs from animals that were available in Upstate NY at the time – Hen, Coyote and Muskrat.



Written by raspberryfisher

2015/09/21 at 19:34

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