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Wet-Flies – Spiders

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Given a heavy travel schedule and working on some rod building, I have little time to tie flies, but I did add to my spider (wet fly) portfolio, including

Classic Purple and Snipe on a TMC 103BL Size 15 Hook, with a little squirrel ball.

Untested Blue Spider with Grouse on an Hends 554 Hook Size 12.  As this is more of an experiment, all are tied with some variances to them in the body.  Specifically, I alternated with

  • Floss Body, Floss Body with Silver Rib and Medium Blue Thread Body.
  • Dubbing – Senyo Laser (Blue, Smurf) and Seal.

wetflies 1510


Of course, the decision what is best flies with the fish, but with infinite access to materials and reflecting on technique, I tie the Blue Grouse with:

  • Hends 554 Hook
  • Uni-Stretch Aqua Blue Body, re-enforced with Silver Wire
  • Look to Nature’s Spirit Emergence Dubbing – Fluorescent Blue & Purple (strand or 3 of a Golden Angora)
  • Wet Hackle – Grouse



Written by raspberryfisher

2015/10/12 at 20:06

Posted in Fly-Tying, Nymphs, Wet Flies

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