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Zeiss Milvus 50mm f2

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So I have always been partial to Zeiss, since handling a Hasselblad in the 70s, and given my dislike for autofocus lens (in most cases), it is a perfect time to build my new camera system (though slowly) with the Zeiss lens.

So my present to myself is the new Zeiss Milvus f2 50mm lens, and here are my first test cases.

f1 cactus DSC_7002.jpg

A Cactus at my workdesk.

f1 lemongrass DSC_7050.jpg

And lemongrass.

What I have like about many of the Zeiss lens is the painter effect of the lens.  It is not that it is sharp, but how out of focus (bokeh) behaves.  Given this, what makes the lens special is – if you are composing with intention for contrast with colour, light and *sharpness*.

Though I like my landscapes sharp (school of f64), I like my other work to play with movement and focus.

So my experiments this morning.

The same cactus, in a different position with the camera on a tripod and north natural lighting.  I shifted just the aperature in the sequence.

f28 DSC_7060
f2.8 (above)
f4 DSC_7061
f56 DSC_7063
f63 DSC_7064
f8 DSC_7065
f11 DSC_7066
f16 DSC_7067
f22 DSC_7068

and then I shifted the focal point to increase the depth of field, relative to the subjective.

f22 s DSC_7069

And thought the sharpness is excellent, I prefer the play at around f5.6 – which communicates the message of cactus spikes!

Similar experiment this morning, but starting from f22. In this case, where I am pulling out my Renaissance lighting, I prefer the f22 image.

f22 c DSC_7080
f16 c DSC_7079
f11 c DSC_7078
f8 c DSC_7077
f56 c DSC_7076
f5.6 (sorry forgot f6.3)
f4 c DSC_7075
f28 c DSC_7074
In all cases, I shot the images on the D600 (except below) with the new lens in JPG (it is for the web after all) and reduce the image to 700px wide using Fireworks. Otherwise no other image processing was done.

D600 Milvus IMG_2792

And like a Hasselblad with a 80mm Zeiss Lens, it feels good in the hand.


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