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Mono Eyes

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A relative basic fly-tying step over the past 3 weeks, making eyes for shrimp and crabs. While black is the standard, I do keep and will use a few atypical colour eyes, such as green for mantis or grass shrimp patterns.

My procedure:

  1. Cut 100 to 125mm length of 16lb Mason Hard Filament.
  2. Melt with lighter to form a ball.
  3. Optional: Add see bead(s) (see red pupil black eye below).
  4. Use UV Resin to form a ball to desire size (also binds the glass bead).
  5. Paint with Sally Hansen’s Nail Polish.
  6. Seal with 2 coats of gel-coat.




Written by raspberryfisher

2016/01/12 at 02:48

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