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I have been using a Crumpler 6M Dollar Bag, which has been excellent (and the customer service is excellent), but has one flaw, I really cannot fit in my ipad.  So I have gotten myself a ONA Street Bag and updated it for my travels.  What is in this bag, starting from the left ….

Camera Bag IMG_2822 x700

  • ONA Waxed Cotton Messenger Bag – I do not like camera bags that look like camera bags. Good bag, but would like 2 additional features:
    • Another inch depth in the laptop sleeve for laptop + ipad
    • A loop in the front pocket to clip accessories.
  • Nikon D600 – Zeiss Milvus 50mm f2 Makro-Planar
    • + Crumpler Wrist Strap – strongly recommended
    • + 67mm B+W KSM C-Polarizer for the 50mms
    • If the polarizer is not on, then a protective clear B+W filter is on.
  • Zeiss 25mm f2 with a thin ring clear B+W protective filter.
  • Filter Case for unused filter on the 50mm lens.
  • Spare Batteries for 2 Cameras.
    • Nikon D600 + Battery Charger
    • Nikon AW100 – Waterproof. This camera get little use, so to save space, I do not include the charger.
  • Lifetrons Universal Power Adapter with 2 USB Charging Ports. No longer made, but highly recommended.  If I am going to South Africa or India, I also include my wide 2 pin adapter.
  •  Nikon AW100 – If I am worry about security or wet weather, I use this camera that is tucked in the outer side pocket.
  • Business Cards – mine Employeer’s and Mine
  • Morphie PowerStation (for iphone, ipad and local wifi adapter)
  • Ipad (purple case) and sitting on top and to the right:
    • Moleskins Notebook (small as shown or medium)
    • Passport
    • Wallet – (Backup cards are kept elsewhere)
    • Acme Pen (present from Tesla (daughter))
  • Etymotic Headset for Cell-Phone
  • Lanyard with
    • USB Memory Stock x2
    • Office Security Fob
    • Travel Charm from Kyoto Shrine (Caitlan’s (other daughter urging))
  • Purple Bag (it is Dack Shoes Bag not Crown Royal), holding a collection of important little support-backup items, including:
    • iPad file transfer connectors
    • Apple USB Cables – iPhone and iPad
    • USB Cable to D600, which also serves to recharge the Morphie
    • Power Cable for the D600 Charger
    • D600 Charge goes into the bag to.
    • D600 DK21 Eyepiece Cover – as I always knock them off.

Missing from the Picture:

  • iPhone

What else that I might add to the kit:

  • If I am going to India or South Africa, the wide 2 prong power adapter
  • Keyboard for the iPad.
  • Laptop in lieu of iPad
  • Tabletop Tripod.
  • MonoPod – also makes an effective staff (think security)
  • A local Pocket Wifi Adapter
  • A Comb!

Now the confession. I have other bag(s) that are linked to:

  • Sinar f2 4×5
  • Wista 4×5 field camera
  • Filters +  This last bad transcends all cameras and is associated with using the tripod (I have 2), which includes my Lee Filter System.

I am not sure this is progress, with have the weight being consumed by modern electronics.  But here it is.


Why no film. I retired by Nikon FM2 when I could no longer shoot Kodachrome.  For my return to Black and White, I will keep with the Sinar and Wista and go back to slow contemplative photography.




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2016/01/13 at 07:32

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