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Bonefish Chartreuse Clousers

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Differences are small, in that some are weighted more than the others, but otherwise it is polar bear hair on the bottom, yellow chartreuse deer hair (tail on top). I throw in a few strands of middle green deer hair and crystal flash.

Of course, weighted eyes and chartreuse thread (Danville).

If there is one other point to add, it is the point. I found Mustad Saltwater Hooks dull and you must sharpen them.  For me, I use a small fine Japanese saw sharpening file on the hook before I tie.

be closer DSC_7846.jpg

be d clouser DSC_7847.jpglarge eye above and small (light weight for <2′ water) eye below

sm c clouser DSC_7844.jpg

se c clouser DSC_7843.jpg



Written by raspberryfisher

2016/07/30 at 01:57

Posted in Fly-Tying, Saltwater

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