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James Green 7wt 10′ DH Update

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An update on my setup with James Green DH 7wt 10′ setup. In the last few months, I have moved over to OPST Commando Heads. With a Snap T Spey Cast and the short aggressive head it is allowing me to get the fly, with the trees on my back.

You need a relaxed cast, and I still amazed at how light the rod is, so it is fun rod for small crowded rivers.


Right now I have a 350 gr line + MOW Medium Tips, but I am looking to order and try a heavier line (I have tried lighter lines, but the 350 is the best fit of the lines I do have on hand).


Written by raspberryfisher

2016/09/10 at 05:22

5 Responses

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  1. Thanks Dave for writing these posts. I’ve got a switch rod build in the works and your articles and experiments have really helped. Like you I’ll be swinging a smaller river with lots of trees behind. I see you haven’t posted in a while. I want you to know folks like me are still reading..
    Thanks again David


    2017/04/29 at 21:43

    • David thank you. I will continue to post, but less frequently. This is really to make sure the material is a function of the elements I focus outside of my work-career > fishing, family, photography and being outside in my little area.


      2017/04/30 at 03:53

  2. […] shown, as it is a short “spey” switch rod is my 10′ 7wt 4pc (travel ready) James Green Fiberglass with the OPST 350 grain line on a Danielsson 3W reel.  Rod is designed for close in fishing […]

  3. […] experiment with fly-lines for my long fiberglass rods, specifically two James Green Rods – a 7wt and a […]

  4. […] a couple of seasons, I have migrated away from the more aggressive tapers of OPST Skagits and migrated to Airflo Rage and Switch for my short two handed rods. For the James Green 7wt […]

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