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For Judy (and me in fast pocket water) a wading staff is an absolute for safety, and recently I picked up a folding staff for Judy so we can take in on airline flights, without having to deal with oversized baggage.

But there was one feature desired, adding a mounting point for a GoPro camera. So here is my hack to adding a 1/4-20 thread insert into the top of the staff.

Remove the top 2.5cm (1″) cork, with a dozuki (stiff, fine tooth blade) and clean. Note that the top of the shaft, the manufacturer uses epoxy to secure the shock cord inplace.

folstaff top.jpgIn a standard chuck in a lathe, using an acrylic round, drill in the holes for the threaded insert and to fit the staff shaft. (2 different diameters and drilled to depth of each joint),

Continue with the standard chuck, shape the base with a slight concave, so as when you press to fit the top onto the cord, you will provide mild compression of the cork to handle any “un-even” cutting of the cork.

Using a Beall Collet, secure the round to shape the outer diameter and turn to shape – in this case the diameter of the cork and break the edges at the top and bottom.

Using micro-mesh, finish wet sand (15000).

folstaff turn.jpg

Secure with an epoxy paste and clamp clean with a mild compression.  Please note orientation, as I do not want any excess flow to go where I am going to put the threaded insert.

folstaff epoxy.jpg

After some fooling around, I decided to epoxy in a brass 1/4-20 insert with exterior thread versus a press fit.  The press fit is cleaner, but the bond was not as strong.

folstaff insert 2.jpg

One more step, not shown, using a syringe, going into the well below the threaded insert, put in some warm low fluid epoxy, so the bottom thread is capture in epoxy. Set upright.

If you get some “splash” onto the thread, use a 1/4-20 tap to clean out the thread.

Most tripod heads are female, as is this solution, so you will need to use a 1/4″ thread bar to make the final connection.


  • 1/4-20 Brass Threaded Insert
  • 1/4-20 Rod
  • 1 1/2″Round – it will get wet, so think of your finish
  • Epoxy Paste
  • Epoxy


  • Lathe with Chuck and Centre / Drill Chuck
  • Drill Bits for shaft and threaded insert
  • Turning Tools – Used a parting tool and Skew.
  • Beall Collet
  • Finishing Paper or Mesh
  • As it was Acrylic, no varnish required.
  • Bar-Pipe Clamp – 6′ or longer
  • Epoxy Mixing and Cleaning Materials (inc Spatula)
  • Syringe
  • 1/4-20 tap

… anyway, incase, you want to do a similar hack, this gives a good start for any handy person.

Written by raspberryfisher

2016/10/14 at 00:31

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  1. […] as secure as our standard staff, but we have never experience a failure. . We have 2x folstaffs, one which I hacked to put on a GoPro, which was just as easy and good as buying the hard-to fine, harder-to-order folstaff with the […]

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