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Bonefish(ing) – DIY and the Novice

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This is the first in a series of posts on our recent bonefish trip to the Bahamas.

First thing firsts, we are seasoned fly-fishing people (Judy and I), but this is our first time in the salt and in the open wind-scape off the sea.  Our preference to to fish ourselves, but we really do recognize the benefit of a good guide, and in the this case a guide who will teach us.

Fidel (our guide) got us onto bonefish quickly on the afternoon we arrive, proving we can catch and land bonefish, but quickly learnt we need to develop our senses to see the fish.

So what lesson 1 ….. which we fortunately did do ….

Spend the first 3 days with a guide who will teach you (us) – tides, how to see the fish, fly selection and what every else you need to learn.  Thank you Fidel.

What we will do next time?

First 1-2 days will be DIY (by ourselves) working our the knots, practise target casting and then a couple of days with a guide for more training.

If are into catching fish, stay with the guide for the duration.

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2016/12/14 at 06:14

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