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Spey (items) for Sale

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I am not getting any use out of the following items, so I might as well put them up for sale. Prices are on the SpeyClave Board, as per board rules.

First up, is a G.Loomis GLX Roaring River 15′ 9-10 Rod. A very fine rod and the very first spey rod that I really like. But, as progress in my skills and learning, I decided to keep to a Scandi style (versus this long line), but more significantly a lighter line.

I would contend this rod is great for large rivers and when pursuing King or Atlantic Salmon. A new Loomis Long-Belly 15′ rod currently retails for over 1000 USD, while a TFO 2H is over 460 USD. Posted sales in 2016 had prices from 400 to 600 USD.

Loomis 1 700 IMG_5205.jpg

Loomis 2 700  IMG_5207.jpg

Loomis 3 700 IMG_5208.jpg

Loomis 4 700 IMG_5209.jpg

In support of this rod are 2 Delta Spey Lines – Long Belly with Tip and Standard.  These lines had light usage and in good condition. In fact, I never did use the tips on the long, other than the floating line.  Delta Spey lines currently sell for 130 USD without tips, and I do not believe they offer a version with tips (except the UltraSpey at 270 USD).

Sales in 2016 provided 40 to 80 USD, top price for the multi-tip.

Delta 700 IMG_5175.jpgDelta Spely Long 700 IMG_5176.jpg

Up next, thought less loved is a “seconds” reel.  In my learning phase, I kept my forward arm choked down, so a heavy reel was desired. As many people, expressed their admiration for pawl-click reels, I had “a go” with this, but have decided to keep with my closed drag Nautilus reels enabling palming.

I found the start-up inertia high, so I reduce the springs (which are included), but also note there was an imperfection on the surface of the interior plate that I reduce.

This reel weighs 15.9oz empty, and believe it to be a Symmetry, which currently retails for 500 USD new.

Speyco 1 700 IMG_5164.jpg

Speyco 2 700 IMG_5174.jpg

Speyco 3 700 IMG_5171.jpg

Speyco 4 700 IMG_5167.jpg

Speyco 5 700 IMG_5165.jpg

Last are almost new Ambush lines. Water casted with my customer build fiberglass James Green. After some testing, I decided to go with the OPST, so my experiments are your gain. New lines retails for 80 USD, and appears 2016 sales on the board was 40-50 USD/

Ambush 700 IMG_5178.jpg

Ambush 700 IMG_5177.jpg

Terms ….

  • Paypal or Money Order. I will take the Paypal fees.
  • Buyer pays for shipping, and shall define terms – signature, insurance, et cetera.
  • I will ship by Friday of the week sold
  • Buyer may return for refund, minus fees taken by me.



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2016/12/25 at 23:34

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