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Fly Fishing Reels – IMHO – Post 1B

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Consideration for Silk Lines

In my last post I made a reference to an open spool base should be consider if you are using silk lines, so the line can “breathe”.  Yes, you should remove silk lines at the end of the day and dry them, but sometimes, not all plans happen, plus you still have moisture trapped in the backing.

This assume you can let function dominate tradition.

To visually demonstrate samples of an open spool base, I present the following manufacturer’s images.


Nautilus is just one example of a reel suited for silk (sealed drag), with what I suspect 40% of the spool base to be open.

Another would be the Ross Colorado LT with a metal clicker (never had this reel in my hand, but I would investigate it as a possible reel in my bag if my focus was on silk lines), with what I suspect is an open base 80+%!  At weights under 3oz, these will work on any trout rod.

ross-colorado lt-2

And though the previous choices appear to be solid, I would likely purchase the the 3.2oz Danielsson Nymph given the positive experience with Danielsson reels and the knowledge they have supported their products for decades.


If fishing with silk, I would also suggest, 20-30 yds of backing – no more – to allow the line to breathe and given silk lines are fine, you can down size if you want.

And these images are from the manufacturer, and though I see no copyright notice, it should be recognized as their images.



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2017/05/20 at 04:46

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