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Fly Fishing Reels – IMHO – Conclusion

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I seen in 20+ years an evolution of reels and I would argue reel (pun intended) improvements. But with these gains, we seen companies leave you stranded or push the “greatest” innovations at you.  With my desire to continue and expand my fishing, my portfolio of rods and reels is exhaustive. If I was starting afresh today, I would keep it simple.

For Trout, you do not need complicated and focus should be on rods and lines for presentation, so stick with a reel that is readily available and spools that are readily available, where the reel weights less than 4oz.

For this, I recommend the Hardy LRH or one size larger, the Princess (which I am using).


I recommend this, knowing that Pure Fishing (who bought and now owns Hardy) is sending out signals they are going to cancel this product line that is generations old (and stop providing spare pawls, springs, et cetera).  Never-the-less, given its presence for decades, old reels should be easy to find.

The alternative is the Danielsson Nymph.


For everything else, except for long spey rods, look to Danielsson L5W and H5D series.  As Danielsson is producing a great product at a great price, with a Swedish sense of support! (versus disposable product lines).


And what about long spey rods?  Sorry, I cannot recommend any current solution in production.  It might be there, but I have not put my hands on such a beast where you get the weight to balance, spool that you can palm and fast retrieve. Closest solution is from Hatch (and it has a closed base), but I have never handled one and always surprise why on the boards the number of used Hatch are up for sale (leaves me suspicious)!

Be prepared to spend some time at a store with some inventory, with a known weight required for you take action.

The alternative is to add weight into the rod or onto the spool.





Written by raspberryfisher

2017/05/27 at 06:09

Posted in Fly-Fishing

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  1. […] a previous series of postings, I discussed my thoughts on reels for the intended use. I wrote this series, as I often see passion […]

  2. Yes, this post clear my confusion related to fishing reels and how to use perfect rods and reels for fly fishing.

    Steven Kurtz

    2019/01/21 at 15:20

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