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Firefox – the web browser to connect when traveling

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Airport, hotels, restaurants et cetera often present additional login screens to connect. I have found the automated forwarding is hampered by Google’s Chrome and IE’s Explorer, often making login the act of connecting difficult, time consuming or sometimes impossible.

Fortunately, Firefox is more accommodating and will present the dialogue box you need to connect into another network.

Keep Firefox on your phone, iPad and PC.





Written by raspberryfisher

2017/11/14 at 03:15

Posted in Work Travel

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  1. Being on a Mac (yes, I’m one of those, mainly on a laptop, at times on the iPad), I don’t need to worry about IE/Edge – thank you very much.
    Tried Chrome: slow, clunky not to mention that it’s tied way too tightly with all other ABC services, so dropped it as well.
    Using FF (open source!) for most of my surfing and as I need to have another browser for work-related, am using Opera (and Vivaldi became also available).
    FF will improve (i.e., adopt from other browsers) their capabilities with time, see https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2017/11/12/firefox-to-offer-tracking-protection-for-all-in-its-next-update/
    One I started using lately for news sites is Safari: has a built-in video pop-up blocker, so anything Flash-like is NOT automatically playing. Recommended if they drive you nuts.


    2017/11/14 at 18:19

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