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Marketing and Reliability

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Wow, which would you believe?

  • Traditional Philips Tungsten Longlife Bulb that will provide only 1 1/2 years life
  • The Philips LED light for 10 years.

philips reliability

Sadly, I still have bulbs – tungsten – in use after 13 years in our house, but I have yet to see a LED or Compact Fluorescent last 3 years. Sadly, the current generation seem to fail sooner too.

There are many Youtube clips identifying why LED bulbs fail early (as they race to be cheap). Myself, I rather buy a more expensive bulb that will last me of 10 years of use.



Written by raspberryfisher

2018/07/29 at 02:05

2 Responses

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  1. Me think you know better, eh? Of course it’s a race to the bottom because of quarterly expectations.
    Surprised, though it might have been a tongue-in-cheek comment by you (life expectancy) that you take that number as absolute. Do you treat MPG claims the same?
    What I do, is that if the product (be it LED bulb or anything else) fails short of the “promised” service life, I contact the manufacturer or retailer and demand (politely!) a replacement. Most oblige me.


    2018/07/29 at 16:53

    • I have started marking and keeping the receipts with the bulbs, so yes, in future I can drive claims, but this is not minor work to address what is in effect false claims. Of course, the “*” to denote limits is another out they may have (which I have not researched).
      But with tongue-in-cheek .. here you are at Philips Light Division … and you are putting out product with such diverse claims, makes you question their “MARCOM” oversight. It would appear they do not talk to each other.
      No I do not beliebe MPG, I just thought the stark contrast from Philips was worthy of highlight.


      2018/07/29 at 18:47

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