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In continuation of my previous blog, here is an update of my everyday Camera bag.

camera bag

First there is no reasonable solution for one bag that does it all, so I have split the contents into three to suit what I am intending to do.

  1. The Base Bag, discussed within this blog
  2. The Tripod Bag, touched upon in this blog
  3. The Filter Bag, to be covered in another post

And if this is of any value, I will add my ratings and any advise that might assist the reader.

The anchor for all decisions

Nikon D600 Camera outfit with

  • Crumpler Wrist Strap – A+
  • RRS L-Plate “Arca-Swiss Like Quick Mount – A
  • Two 32GB Cards, set to overflow – A
  • DK21 Rubber EyeCup – Replacement
  • Two Batteries and  Nikon Battery Charger MH-25

As previously note, I like the Nikon D600 and choose full-frame as I wanted quality optics that were wide. In today’s world, there in-camera enhancements I would have liked – a wide field for spot focus measurements and Bluetooth.

My default settings are ISO 100 -0.3EV in Auto-Aperture with JPEG fine.  I have re-assign the Fn Button to toggle RAW on-off.

I have yet to shoot too many images without clearing the memory that I needed more than 1 card, so the second card is a safety.

Always have two batteries with me, but the charger is likely to packed with other power  accessories.

The Crumpler Wrist provides (much appreciated) security and sometimes relief as I let the camera hang down. It is no longer made, and as I look at the many available wrist straps available, this model continues to be the best.

To fit the RRS Barcket, I remove the Nkon Sensor cover and added a thinfilm protective sheet.

Zeiss Lens

As noted in my last post, focus and depth of field control are very important to me, with consideration for filters, while auto-focus is not. So my goto lens are

  • Zeiss Milvus 18mm – A+
  • Zeiss Distagon 25mm – A+
  • Zeiss Milvux Macro 50mm – A+

And I have no plans to add more.

Please note, the lens hoods are engaged by default.

Cameras Filters

  • B&W Circular Polarizer – 67mm – A
  • Breakthrough ND 10 f-stop – 77mm with 67mm wide adapter – A
  • Breakthrough ND 10 f-stop – 77mm – A

Yes, I do have clear filters, specifically B+W Clear MRC. The polarizer is almost always on the 50mm2, unless low light mandates it to be off. As I am also shooting manual focus, I could have / should have gone with a linear polarizer.

Of course the ND (Neutral Density Filters require a tripod, and I typically keep the polarizer for use on the 50mm only.  If I am going to do a wide-screen polarizer, then I go to my filter bag and pull out the Lee-Filter 105mm polarizer.

I have found the B+W 67-77mm adapter has effectively seized to the filter, so rather than struggle in the field to change out, I have the duplicate.  Also note that at the time of purchasing the 67mm setup, BreakThrough did not offer a 67mm.

And lens cleaning clothes. I clean the sensor at home.

the Tripod

Use for night, macro (in possible), slow (waterfall) et cetera, so it is used when I know I want to do something extraordinary, versus when I am walking the around a city, et cetera.

  • FLM CPS 26 Carbon Travel Tripod, A rating, with :
    • FLM CB-48F Ball-Head – A
    • with a RRS B2-AS-II  using a 3/8″ to 1/4″; adapter secured with Loctite – A
    • with a Nikon wired release – A

My opinions ….

The tripod is small, light and easy to use. I have had previous issues (not with FLM) on screw lock legs, but find the FLM lock work great. The support from Canada with Ari is world class.

If there is an issue (which I have not discuss with Ari), one leg click does not always automatically engaged. Minor, but something I was for.

Given the large format re-use and the associated bed on my Toyo (not an issue with the Sinar), I prefer the RRS Clamp head. Nothing wrong with the clamps from FLM, but I really prefer the clamp.

As such, I have two ball-heads on my tripods and mono-pods, either FLM and RRS. I like the handle layout on the RRS a little better, but this tripod and my smaller Manfrotto have FLMs.  I will discuss the other tripod with my filter bag.

From film, I am use to wire cable releases, but a built in release that can work from any position would be a real upgrade. I have seen recently some releases with amazing stated functionality, but I dislike the aspect it relies on a smart phone to setup and operate.

I also have two monopods, which my be used when flexibility in movement is important, but I want-need to improve stability. The two are:

  • Original – Manfrott 434B
  • Benro MC-91EX with a RRS MonoPod Head.

I like to add, the monopods can also function as a staff, not just for walking, but also for personal security. The Benro was used by Caitlan in here solo travels in the Middle East.

Personal Items – pictured and not

Many are associated with my travels

  • Magnifier – 2,5x (old man eyes) as back-up to my prescription glasses.
  • Comb for hairy beast management
  • Pen – either a Green Uniball  or my White Montegrappa
  • A small notebook
  • Lens cleaning clothes
  • iPhone, Wallet, Passport and my airline ID tags-tockets
  • Ear plugs or NC Bose Phones – A (for fitting my ear)
  • Filson Fingerless gloves and Hat. Once the cool part of autumn arrives, I also often have a scarf on me or in the bag.

and last the bag

Neither bag I use get a rating better than C+!  I alternate between the Peak Design 15″ Messenger, as pictured above and ONA Messenger. In short the benefit and short-falls.

  • Capacity – all bag manufacturers over inflate their bag capacity
  • Dividers – ONA are okay and Peaks are horrible to setup & keep equipment inplace. For PD I use my old inserts from Crumpler (better bag, but too small).
  • Front Pocket for iPhone, Wallet and Passport – ONA okay but Peak fail (use laptop slot). Peak, just add 2″ in depth please.
  • Back Storage for laptop – ONA okay for small, Peak at best a iPad.
  • Rain Protection – ONA is fair and Peak is good
  • Front and Top Access – Ona is fair and Peak is very good
  • Top Strap Carry – ONA is poor and Peak is good

No winner and I keep my eyes for a better answer.



Written by raspberryfisher

2018/08/05 at 21:56

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