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In my last week photography segment, I noted I will often keep a hat, scarf and gloves in my camera bag. Thus, this week’s segue to gloves and mitts..


In winter, I resist adding a winter coat, but I am quick to put on gloves, scarf, hat, and insulated winter pants. I have found with fly fishing in winter I have become very selective on what gloves I wear in everyday use, as many gloves hinder movement and control.

Many gloves and mitts have a palm pad that restricted contact and movement, which I detest, so my selection is based on practical comfort in use.

So what are the five (5) gloves (and mitts) I rely upon when I leave the house? from the tropics to -40C weather. Starting from the left:

  1. Hand knitted woolen mitts with fleece liners, made by my Mother-In-Law. My warmest pair and my favourite.
  2. Hestra 35111 from Sweden over-mitts (size 8) that are used in a combination of the following two gloves. These mitts add an additional protection against water, wet snow and wind.
  3. Helstra 34130 Heavy Merino Wool Liner Glovers warm and yet, I can still operate the camera.
  4. Filson Woolen Fingerless provides the direct contact to allow me to sense the line and the drift of my fly. I have experiment with many gloves, mitts, and these are my gloves for fishing or when direct contact is important. As the knit is not tight, I do find the end fray and need maintenance. This variant is no longer available, and I cannot vouch for their replacement.

Not shown:

  1. TFO Mangrove fingerless sun gloves when we are fishing in the tropics  to protect my hands when I am out in the sun all day.

And scarfs?

As a child I hated scarfs, as they usually made me itchy! but I have since happily adopted old Merino Wool (vintage) scarfs and Cashmere.

My other advise on a scarf, make sure it is long – 120cm minimum.




Written by raspberryfisher

2018/08/11 at 22:35

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