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As we have become empty nesters, one bedroom has been converted into my art and fly-fishing room.


what is not seen is the third wood business desk that Judy got as a wedding gift.

The room faces to the north and general lighting is low, but as illustrated I have several tasks lights. Including ….

  • 50W Halogen – over the fly
  • Alvin CL1755  with two 2 fluorescent bulbs, over the drafting table. It provides good light, but the thread mounting that holds the Maxlite adapter has seized and prevents me to going to a LED bulb in the center. I fear the surgery to free the adapter could be destructive to the lamp.
  • Waldmann – current model is the SNLQ – high recommended for its magnifier and light.

And my primary chair is a Pearl drum throne.


The workstation is an Arlink, which I recommend. Without the drawers, associated with fabled roll-top desks, there is great freedom of movement and with the supplementary shelving I have great storage capacity.

I was fortunate in the fast mass migration of high-tech production to China in 2002, driven by timelines that had no consideration for disposal of operational assets, I was able to acquire MetroRack, Arlink Stations and Lighting at a ridiculous low rate.


catnip side_2207

Not going into the fly-tying tools, so the other key elements for my fly-tying room …


  • The closet (no picture) has Rubbermaid racking typically used in kitchen closet. It is  good flexible racking, but the cantilever arms can (do) limit some racking space. Gets a C+, so yes, I am happy with it, but I suspect there many be better.
  • General material storage in Rubbermaid (B), and avoid the cheap knock offs that has a much higher risk of breakage when used.
  • Artbin Thread Box (A), but I buy these in the US for <15 or versus Canadian retailers at over 40. Hey, I am happy to support Canadian, but not at this excessive pricing.
  • Umpqua Hook Box (B), but note these boxes do not stack well on top of each other with their copies from Spirit River (B-), so do not mix and match. Either works, but just stick with 1 OEM.
  • Darice 32 Container Jewelry Designer (A) Box for beads, eyes, cones, et cetera.
    • If I had this available when I was getting hook boxes, I would have selected them as my default hook box.  The Umpqua box has “cells” that are larger at 5.5cm than the Darice at 5.0cm, but this would not an issue, unless you are tying with a long streamer hook and even then, the gain is small. Example: Blue Heron Spey Hooks – Size 3 fits both boxes, Size 2 fits the Umpqua and Size 1 fits neither.
  • Plano 3600, for flies and miscellaneous.
  • Reels are keep in either a discontinued Vision Case (A) or Simms (C+).
    • The Simms is fine for smaller reels and gear associated with trout, but limited to ineffective when we deal with saltwater and spey.
    • In researching this blog, it appears that Vision has brought back the good Hard Case.


catnip tail IMG_2213




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2018/08/26 at 20:59

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