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Ikea Ivar Hack

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I order some short Ivar verticals and 3 shelves. I drilled and bolted 2 of the shelves and drilled 36 holes in support of my fly rod tubes, and wading staffs.

If you do this simple hack, I would recommend a 2 5/8″ hole for all of your rob tubes. I was concerned with too much “slop” so drilled holes from 2 1/8″ to 2 5/8″, but once I was done I found this concern not real.

Then the modified shelves are placed high and low to constrained the tube, as the tubes rest on the bottom shelf.

Ivar hack IMG_2267

In the center is a rounded rectangle cutout that holds PVC piping. These pipe hold rods I have built, but paid for a separate rod tube, as they get put into my 4pc travelling rod case as needed.



Written by raspberryfisher

2018/08/28 at 06:40

Posted in Fly-Fishing, Tools

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