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Catnip Fly

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Gunnar Brammer’s Catnip video does a find job explaining the construction and design, and though I have bought some flies off Gunnar, I wanted a few specific colour patterns for

  • Steelhead in Winter, holding up in a hole – Purple, Black, Blue
  • Trout that may be in a deep pocket – Green, Brown, Olive
  • Pike and Bass in the hot summers, when they are deep – Red, Chartreuse

So I have added a few variants.

Some suggestions ….

  • It is not a light fly, so I would recommend – as a minimum –  8wt line and rod for this fly. I have also used of the boat with my Guideline RSi (listed as a 11wt, but as stated in another review, for me it is a 10 wt).
  • I buy my wiggle tails direct from Paulo at fishon.it
  • Good to a bead store to buy the wire, and use this wire to ensure your beads can fit though.

The purple and black fly with the large olive bead is from Gunnar.



Written by raspberryfisher

2018/11/17 at 21:49

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  1. […] and strong enough a musky will not bite through. This material is also used in my fly-tying for extended bodies, trailers, et […]

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