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Bonefish Lines for 8wt

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In continuation of my series looking at fly lines in one page, looking to Tropic Bonefish Lines.

What do I want?

Given my flies are light and small, and my preferred rod does flex well (Scott Meridian), there are two idea lines for me:

  • Windy days: Ghost Tip of 5′ (intermediate sink tip) and a short front taper (3-5′), with a total head length less than 30′.  I would a 7’+ Short Leader.
  • Default or with Guides (who do not like clear-tip lines): 9′ taper in a light sand and a total head length of  30′ with a long rear taper to support a long pickup and recast..

Other details and notes:

  • Head Length should be viewed, as the length having the mass I need to generate an effective cast into the wind, and ideally the rear taper having begun by 30′.
  • I am not looking for bullet tapers, though will use them as a general saltwater line.
  • Front colour:
    • Since I am laying the line out in front of the bonefish, I want the line to match the sand and ocean, not the sky.  And the sky is not always blue.  I prefer off-white.
    • Ghost tips must be intermediate – though a ghost tip is clear, it still refracts and if it floats, disturbs the water pattern.  Stealth is gain, when the tip slips below the surface.
  • Weight – Head weights are often stated, but rarely does the OEM to define if applies to 30′ (true weight) or a complete head.

To the survey …


Airflo, a line manufacturer I do like, but they do not have a “bonefish” line I am incline to recommend or buy (again).

airflo bonefish


Airflo Super-Dri Bonefish – List Price: 90 $US

No > Dark and short rear taper.

Airflo Clear Tip Tropical Short 12′ – List Price: 90 $US

No > I really like Airflo, and this taper is reasonable, but I am disappointed the tip floats. I have this line in my arsenal, but it is regulated now to “just in case”.

Airflo Supri-Dri Tropical Punch – List Price: 90 $US

No – but > Nice bullet line to keep for general tropical saltwater fishing.



Ballistic Pro Performance Saltwater

No > I like Ballistic lines, and this is a nice taper, but it is blue.  If you want Blue, give it a try.


Worthy of testing > I note that Ballistic sells UK Snowbee lines. A rather standard profile with a long running line. Would prefer a longer rear taper.

snowbee uk




No targeted offering.




A nice diverse selection of lines, so many, I have chosen not to show them all.

cortland salt lines

Cortland All-Purpose (Tropic Series) – List Price: 80 $US

No > Good colour, BUT  this line did not do well on earlier tests with my Meridian 8 wt. I have not returned to debug why. I am not fond of the long body.

Cortland Ghost Tip 5 – List Price: 80 $US

No > I like the profile and the tip sinks, but dislike the green.

Aside: Not a tropic line, but Caribbean conditions are often moderate (id est, <30C).

Cortland Ghost Tip 9 (Tropic Series) – List Price: 80 $US

No> Intermediate Tip, though with a long body, and with the failure with the same long body All-Purpose, I am not incline to test this.

Cortland Ghost Tip 15 (Tropic Series) – List Price: 80 $US

No > Not available in 8wt, though head is interesting. (Not illustrated)

Cortland Flats Taper (Liquid Crystal) – List Price: 90 US$

No (Taper not shown) > Blue, but the taper looks interesting.  If you wanted blue, give it a try.

Cortland Guide (Liquid Crystal) – List Price: 90 $US

No > Green.

Cortland Tropic Compact (Tropic Series) – List Price: 80 $US

No > To aggressive (bullet) and not suitable for a soft landing.

Cortland Bonefish (Tropic Series) – List Price: 100 $US

Look > Head maybe a little more aggressive than the idea line, but it is reasonable given its long back taper.




No targeted offering, but they do re-sell Airflo




Monic keeps to a traditional 1980 WF Taper, which in this case, I do not object to. There lines are fine for general deeper tropical water fishing, where a hard strike is necessary.


Monic Skyline – List Price: 80 $US

No > Insufficient detail on website.

Monic Impact Intermediate – List Price: 85 $US

No > It is green.

Monic Genesis Phantom Tip – List Price: 100 $US

No > Clear tip floats.

Monic Genesis Covert – List Price: 90 $US

No > It is a full intermediate line.




No offering, as their market focus is spey.



Phoenix WF Silk

There is no line drawing, but it is straw colour traditional WF taper with a 6′ front taper and 33′ head. Given its tight loop through the wind behavior, I am experimenting with this intermediate line with no floating treatment and a 9′ leader.

MBraid Phoenix DSC1526




No offering, as their market focus is spey-skagit.





DirectCore Bonefish – List Price 120 $US

No > Maybe there is some magic that happens, when you fish, but I cannot see it as being magic (for the premium) when walking the flats.

Bonefish QuickShooter – List Price 100 $US

No > I really like the shape, but again blue. I want stealth when the line is in the water. Though, please note it is a heavy line, and better suited for “stiffer” rods.
I do have a line in my arsenal, as I developed my skills et cetera.

Bonefish – List Price 100 $US

Look > Body is a little long.



Scientific Anglers

The tapers and colour are similar, so what differs is surface preparation. These lines are worthy of a look.

SA bonefish

Amplitude Bonefish – List Price 130 USD

Look to the Smooth (next) > As bonefishing is casting to sighted fish, the premium to shoot more line does not feel like a great investment.

Amplitude Smooth Bonefish – List Price 100 USD

Look > Ok.

Mastery Bonefish – List Price 80 USD

Look > Mastery has been a classic line that has produced some fine lines, so I am incline to the Mastery Line versus spending another 20 for unknown (real) gains with the Amplitude.




May or may not be a good fit, but manufacturer refuses to disclose details to its customers.



My selection from best to acceptable

  1. Cortland Bonefish
  2. RIO Bonefish (gets the nod, as I have had more time with this line)
  3. SA Mastery Bonefish (or Smooth Amplitude)

This listing has been updated since my last on the water testing in April 2019 using the Meridan 8wt.




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