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Veevus Thread – Thread Nerd Update

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I posted years ago my thoughts on thread, and at this time my favourite thread (recommendation) for your standard trout fly was Gudebrod 10/0 and Danville 6/0. This posting acknowledged my probable shift to the newly introduced Veevus as my supply of Gudebrod runs out (as Gudebrod was no longer made).

Later, I did some additional testing, and refine my standard selection to Veevus 14/0 and Danville 6/0, while ruling out 10/0.  Yet – not until today – I have not validate all 4 sizes available from Veevus – 10/0, 12/0, 14/0 and their finest “standard” 16/0.

My quick summary, applying reasonable tension:

  • 10/0 – too bulky – hard to break. No.
    • For the final fly, the thread did break when I did a whip finish to the head.
  • 12/0 – strong and can produce a fair head
  • 14/0 – reasonable strength and easy to produce a fine head
  • 16/0 – some care needs to be taken to prevent breakage, but head not much smaller than 14/0

So some close-ups, tying on a small BWO hook.

Veevus Test Spools and Flies
Veevus 10/0 – strong, but too bulky. To prevent thread forming up the eye, I need to leave more shank free and push the thread back.
red 10 700_DSC4724
Veevus 12/0 – reasonable, id est very strong and with minimal consideration required to create a fair head.
brown 12 700_DSC4723
Veevus 14/0 – strong and small head. Thought not in focus, note the body is relatively flat.
pink 14 700_DSC4721
Veevus 16/0 – lost of strength is noted, so come care needed, but the gain in smaller head is small relative to the 14/0. Only reason to go to 16/0 versus 14/0 is that 16/0  has a colour you need.
tan 16 700_DSC4719


Under the general operating principle – use the smallest thread possible with the fewest turns – my Veevus recommendation is 14/0 for trout dry flies and nymphs.


  • I will continue to use the last of my Gudebrod.
  • In tying the recent Mouse Series posts, where I was applying a lot of pressure to secure the deer hair, the Veevus GSP 100 performed very well. Do recommend this thread when you need to apply some heavy pressure.
  • For very small, I will also continue with a fine GSP, such as Uni 17/0.
  • For wet flies and streamers, I believe the Danville 6/0 and it ability to lay flat is the best.
  • And of course for North Country Spiders, Pearsall’s Silk.





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2019/02/25 at 03:33

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