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Craft Fur

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I have previously noted my absolute disdain for Wapsi’s fly-tying “Premium” craft fur, as it requires a lot of work to create a fly, there is a lot of waste, and it still is lifeless once you are done.

As a person who likes to research and experiment, I did not abandon a traditional wing “gotcha” for bonefishing, so I continue to look at other craft furs that would be suitable to fly-fishing.

Now, I like to take (for me) the unusual step to link to another blog, as Holger Lachmann has done a fine job analyzing Craft Fur as supplied by Wapsi verus Fair Flies, and like Holger I will also keep Fair Flies Fly Store in my stores to use.

In keeping with previous notes, for bonefishing, I am looking for fur from white to tan, and currently working with 3 fake skins.

fake fur_DSC5497.jpg

  1. Fair Flies Fly Fur Tan. Suited for flies with wings 2.5-4″. I do need to get a couple of white skins to dye-paint.
  2. Beige and Cream Latte 2″ Pile suited for wings <2″ from Etsy’s FurBoutique in Arlington Texas.
    Note this craft fur has a denser base with the associated “crinkle” and heavier base, relative to Fair Flies Fur. This denser base leads to a much larger bump-rise at the tie, while the material has a greater tendency to hold into a single pile, versus the fly fur. These differences are illustrated below.

Moving to sample , though the first 3 flies are not gotchas, as the weight is at the bend.

white gotcha_DSC5486.jpg

Cream Latte wing and rabbit fur under on a Daiichi 2546 4.

cream gotcha_DSC5487.jpg

Beige Fur Wing with a Coyote Tail under on a Daiichi 2546 4. As an experiment, I place the coyote wing higher up the bend, and still not sure if I like this.

kraft fur _DSC5483.jpg

And the tan wing with a coyote tail on a larger Mustad 34007 2.


And some gotchas on kraft paper to simulate the tan soils under the mangroves.

gotchas on white_DSC5517.jpg


close in _DSC5483

And for fun, a close up look at the above tan fly.




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2019/05/11 at 07:03

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