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Veevus Thread – Thread Nerd Update

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I posted years ago my thoughts on thread, and at this time my favourite thread (recommendation) for your standard trout fly was Gudebrod 10/0 and Danville 6/0. This posting acknowledged my probable shift to the newly introduced Veevus as my supply of Gudebrod runs out (as Gudebrod was no longer made).

Later, I did some additional testing, and refine my standard selection to Veevus 14/0 and Danville 6/0, while ruling out 10/0.  Yet – not until today – I have not validate all 4 sizes available from Veevus – 10/0, 12/0, 14/0 and their finest “standard” 16/0.

My quick summary, applying reasonable tension:

  • 10/0 – too bulky – hard to break. No.
    • For the final fly, the thread did break when I did a whip finish to the head.
  • 12/0 – strong and can produce a fair head
  • 14/0 – reasonable strength and easy to produce a fine head
  • 16/0 – some care needs to be taken to prevent breakage, but head not much smaller than 14/0

So some close-ups, tying on a small BWO hook.

Veevus Test Spools and Flies
Veevus 10/0 – strong, but too bulky. To prevent thread forming up the eye, I need to leave more shank free and push the thread back.
red 10 700_DSC4724
Veevus 12/0 – reasonable, id est very strong and with minimal consideration required to create a fair head.
brown 12 700_DSC4723
Veevus 14/0 – strong and small head. Thought not in focus, note the body is relatively flat.
pink 14 700_DSC4721
Veevus 16/0 – lost of strength is noted, so come care needed, but the gain in smaller head is small relative to the 14/0. Only reason to go to 16/0 versus 14/0 is that 16/0  has a colour you need.
tan 16 700_DSC4719


Under the general operating principle – use the smallest thread possible with the fewest turns – my Veevus recommendation is 14/0 for trout dry flies and nymphs.


  • I will continue to use the last of my Gudebrod.
  • In tying the recent Mouse Series posts, where I was applying a lot of pressure to secure the deer hair, the Veevus GSP 100 performed very well. Do recommend this thread when you need to apply some heavy pressure.
  • For very small, I will also continue with a fine GSP, such as Uni 17/0.
  • For wet flies and streamers, I believe the Danville 6/0 and it ability to lay flat is the best.
  • And of course for North Country Spiders, Pearsall’s Silk.





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2019/02/25 at 03:33

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Lambroughton Skater

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With Moose Hair on a short shank size 6 hook.  Much smaller than the previously posted Mouse, but it will cut a large wake in the water.


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2019/01/17 at 06:00

Mouse (for fly fishing)

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I have update my Mouse pattern, reflecting from a more natural (less sculpted) body taking in inspiration from Andreas Andersson (great youtube video available > Andersson Deer Hair Hair Mouse).


  • The head is my fuller, reflecting my preference for Muddlers to. Now, this does increase its wind resistance, so I am looking to use a 9wt rod).
  • I experimented with eyes and ears, but I after some playing, I think these features catch only fishermen.
  • First time, I trimmed with razor blades and yes, I will keep doing this. Be prepared to go to the next blade before your fourth fly. I was using Japanese Feather double edge razor blades, and will continue to do so.
  • I used the Veevus GSP 150 and it is strong and do recommend this for lager deer flies.  On smaller flies, I may try 100, but the 150 was awesome.
  • I really like the Ahrex Predator Stinger Hook PR320.  Much stronger than the old Mustad, great shape leading to a definite recommend.

mouse 8_dsc4672

.mouse 7_dsc4668

.mouse 6_dsc4664

.mouse 5_dsc4661

.mouse 4_dsc4656

.mouse 3_dsc4653

.mouse 2_dsc4652

.mouse 1_dsc4642




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2019/01/13 at 02:38

Hollow Fleye

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Lately, my tying has been focus on skills and not quantity, as I have enough flies for 2019.

Focusing on Pike and Smallmouth Bass, my first attempt of the Hollow Fleye with Deer Hair. Staring off is a damp Pike Fly with Red, Orange, Yellow to White.  The same fly is then shown dry, and thenclose in.

popfly 1_DSC4599


popfly 1c-1

and then the shad fly

popfly 3_DSC4604

popfly 3b_DSC4597

popfly3c _DSC4603


In time, I may create a couple of other versions for barracuda (green) and consider what would be good for steelhead.




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2018/12/27 at 22:27

Bonefish Fly – Goto 1

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Wilson’s Flats Fiend

Available commercially (though hard to find), but in my case tied with real hair and not craft fur-hair.  Tied in different weights with corresponding eyes, with a light cream body and wing, too mimic the sand of the Exumas.

fiend 1_DSC4377fiend 2_DSC4382fiend 3_DSC4384

and a group image …

flats fiend group_DSC4491



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2018/11/28 at 07:27

Bonefish Goto 2 – Spawning Shrimp

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I got my first bonefish on this, and I still serves well. If I did not have this pattern, I would probably have more small Peterson’s Shrimp tied small.

Starting with a close-up of 4 Variants – for the smallest flies, I like to go with rabbit.  This is white, but I also need to dye some rabbit off-white.

sp shrimp 1 DSC4397

Larger flies, I go with Polar-Bear and this case, some heavy eyes and crystal orange flash, to fish off the boat into some deeper water.

sp shrimp 3 DSC4395

But soft and thick, polar bear with seal and a soft pink heart. This is the colouring we found blend well, but still has some life to it.

sp shrimp 2 DSC4396

And with a little more flash to the heart.

sp shrimp 4 DSC4394

And a group, from top left to right – rabbit, pb-bear and tan rabbit.

sp shrimp g2 DSC4416

This series was inspired by Ruby Babikian, a fine tyer who owns the website > https://hiddenhookfly.com/collections/all-flies/products/spawning-shrimp > but I am not sure how active Rudy is now.

And yes, I will tie in Orange. In this case, I am using Yellow and Orange Seal and some hair from a fox’s tail.


orange sp shrimp_DSC4443



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2018/11/24 at 07:23

Exuma – our goto bonefish flies – Peterson

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So what are my (Our – Judy an I) goto flies for the Exumas’s Bonefish, then?

  1. Wilson’s Flats Fiend
  2. Spawing Shrmp
  3. Peterson’s Spawning Shrimp

Do we really need more than 3 syles!  So far the answer is no, but just as long as I have then in different weights.

As noted previously, I dislike the commonly used Craft Hair-Fur. I cannot get it to work as I like and I find it dead in the water. I like the naturals,  particularly Fox, Wolf, Rabbit, Calf Tail and Polar Bear.

So here is the Peterson’s Spawning Shrimp, once tied true to form with rabbit but with the long translucent haris of the Pb-Bear for the claws. The other where I have use a split tail from Paulo’s fish-on.

petersen _DSC4405

.petersen _DSC4406


petersen DSC4413

From big to small.



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2018/11/23 at 01:56