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Mono Eyes

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A relative basic fly-tying step over the past 3 weeks, making eyes for shrimp and crabs. While black is the standard, I do keep and will use a few atypical colour eyes, such as green for mantis or grass shrimp patterns.

My procedure:

  1. Cut 100 to 125mm length of 16lb Mason Hard Filament.
  2. Melt with lighter to form a ball.
  3. Optional: Add see bead(s) (see red pupil black eye below).
  4. Use UV Resin to form a ball to desire size (also binds the glass bead).
  5. Paint with Sally Hansen’s Nail Polish.
  6. Seal with 2 coats of gel-coat.



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2016/01/12 at 02:48

mini Tube-Bunnies

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With the warm fall, Judy and I have been fishing for Smallmouth Bass and I have been using this time to improve in a couple of areas – spey casting and developing my preferences (or not) for tube flies.

I have been using a Meiser 12’6″ 4wt Scandi and found my larger tube bunnies too heavy when wet, so I just created a fast set of small (mini) tube bunnies. Key attributes:

  • Colour Pattern to represent Smallmouth Bass or Brown Trout.
  • The fly from head to end of tail is less than 2″ (5.1cm).
  • To get the Amherst tail to flair, apply full (thick) dubbing for the underbelly. The top red metal head fly at the top has no dubbing on the belly and the accents Amherst are slim and along the length of the tube, but the flies in front have the dubbing and the Amherst flairs out. I prefer the latter.
  • To get the head tight in …. a scalpel is your best friend. When you secure the front of rabbit to the tube, bind tightly with 5 overlapping flat wraps of thread. Trim off the rabbit with a surgical scalpel right beside thread wraps.

mbunnies IMG_1972

The recipe is simple:

  • Protube – your choice of colour.
  • Start thread at the tube junction – small to large – and create a smooth transition, and then cement.
  • Tie in rabbit hanging back – 70% hanging back – on the larger section of the tube. Wetting head will make passing thread over easier.
  • Use a “thick” dub for the under belly.
  • Pull rabbit over to the head, secure with 5 wraps and trim tightly with a scalpel.
  • Add in Amherst tail around the tube, then knot, tie off.
  • Add head of choice.

tube IMG_1977

Last, my Nikon is in for repair and using my old Canon G11 and the difference in sharpness is very noticale to my eyes.


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2015/09/22 at 22:53

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the Ugly – last fuzzy nymph-streamer tie for 2015

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Tied on a TMC 5163 Size 10 Hook, but arguably a short wet fly hook such as Kamasan B175 might be a better fit (would result in a full hackle body). As such the fly has three distinct parts.

  • Tail – Muskrat with long guard fibers with the underbody fur.
  • Lower Body – Dubbing – Muskrat and Wolf (I do not have Coyote)
  • Upper Body – Dubbing + 2 Grizzly Hen Hackles

I am using a silver wire to re-enforce the body, with a silver bead-head and a wire wound weighted hook shank.

ugly IMG_1779

ugly IMG_1960

An experiment, the tail being muskrat with a heavy dub of wolf guard hairs around the tail.

ugly IMG_1955

The Ugly is a traditional (old) Ausable Pattern, and in many ways it is similar to a Wooly Bugger but (I am speculating) relying on hairs from animals that were available in Upstate NY at the time – Hen, Coyote and Muskrat.


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2015/09/21 at 19:34

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Squirrel Nymph-Streamer

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I am not sure why a previous post is gone, but as noted last weekend we saw a lot of rain, so rather than getting on the river, I tied some large heavy squirrel nymphs, and as noted before also are effective as a small streamer.

squirrel IMG_1940

squirrel nymph DWW_4722

squirrel nymph DWW_4728


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2015/09/16 at 21:21

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Small Fly Fishing Kit

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Fly-Fishing can be a bulky endeavour – rods, waders, boots, and hundreds of flies. So I have been working to reduce-reduce and reduce, so I can take a small kit with me on my travels. So here is my current answer:

  • No Waders and Boots – so I must keep to the shore and the edges of water.
  • Jacket and Hat  – my regular Gore-Tex jacket.
  • Fly-Rods + Reel: 9′ 5pc (9wt and 5wt) – will fit in my regular check in luggage.
  • Fishing Bag, as below.

travel kit fish DWW_4690

Fishpond Bag – with the large back pocket holding:

  • Maui Polarized Sunglasses
  • Waterproof Camera
  • Buff – with sunscreen and hat provides the protection I need from sun and insects
  • Flies – Either tube bunnies or one box dry flies

On the bag’s side – floatant, tippet (2x-6x) and nippers.

On the bag’s front – a rare earth magnet – as previously reported a catch all convenience to hold flies on the stream as I can things around.

travel fish kit DWW_4702

The most open pocket holds:

  • Leaders for Dry Flies – 7.5′ (4x pocket water) and 9′ in (5x flat water).
  • Leaders for Streamers – often stubby dry fly leaders, conditioned
  • Furled Leader – 12′ Leader
  • Seaguar Fluorocarbon Tippet – 3x (streamer) and 5x (nymph)
  • Maxima Chameleon Tippet – 12lb 
  • 3x Glasses and Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Scissors, Needle with a thread loop
  • Licenses

Streamers and Nymphs on the Foam Patch:

travel fish kit DWW_4710

tracvel kit fish DWW_4692

Moving to the outer edge, the front flap, we have tools used to support me when I need to release a fish:

  • Foreceps
  • Leahterman Multitool Juice S4 that includes pliers, siccors and a knife

fish travel kit DWW_4713

Under the flap are some stream side accessories

  • Insect Repellent
  • Weight – Tin Shot and Mud to treat nymph leaders
  • Floats – either home made or “pin” style
  • note picture shows the rare earth magnet

travel fish kit DWW_4693

And in the one dry fly box, given I do not know what water I will be on, I keep soe generic, but favourite flies that span a wide range  – starting in the top left and going clockwise – in varying colours and sizes:

travel kit fish DWW_4603

Is there anything missing, yeah, but right now the only thing I am wishing to add are:


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2015/09/13 at 00:51

Brown Trout

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and moving back to my favourite method of fishing – spey casting streamers. Here is my rabbit tube fly “brown trout” imitation when I am searching for bigger fish.

Side view

brown trout DWW_4231

looking down on the flybrown trout DWW_4208

and the view looking upbrown trout DWW_4212

and a couple of different heads to disturb the rabbit, as it moves through the water.

brown trout DWW_4222

brown trout DWW_4221


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2015/07/27 at 10:07

Sculpzilla Update – Brown Trout Variant and Shiner

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I have been tying flies and taking many pictures, but not posting. So now, I am trying to catch up.

As noted in the last post, I wanted a few flies to represent a brown trout, which includes orange-gold ice dubbing and orange or red Amherst Tail with a red hook.  I will occasionally as shown in the first fly, add a marabou collar.

bt zilla DWW_3539


bt zilla DWW_3555

and the Emerald Shiner – white and silver head with green highlights

emerald shiner DWW_3526


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2015/07/11 at 21:05