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more on Tube Flies

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Since, I am adding notes on Tube flies, I should point people to SBS (Step-by-Step) instructions from Mike (a surgeon) in the UK.  These are different from what I just did, but all the same, look really good. So here are some links to flies by “Mike” aka Speyducer.

For those who swing flies for salmon and steelhead, Enjoy


March 23, added a picture of my fly from Mike.


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2013/03/12 at 23:42

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My Workbook – Tying Tubes

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The other considerations not in my notes >

  1. I should be using smaller heads, where possible.
  2. For Arctic Foz, prefer 2XL.
  3. Some of the colours are dyed by me – specifically the Ice Bunny and the Hackle for HaleBop.

left page



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2013/03/10 at 20:33

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Tube flies

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I have been travelling and have not had much time for Winter Steelheading or tying flies. I have recently been trying tube flies, and here are my first flies.  In subsequent postings, I will add notes and lessons.

Ice Bunny – My last tie using rabbit, applying my what became my favourite recipe.

  • Tail – Magnum Rabbit – Ice Blue.
  • Underbody – Blue Tinsel
  • Ribbing – Lightly Dyed Blue Crosscut Rabbit.
  • Over Body – 1/8″ Rabbit
  • Collar – Amherst Fibers and Black Burnt Goose Hackle.


Blue Bunny with a flash hackle under body. An earlier version, but using a Flash Hackle for the body and carrying over the the magmum strip over the body to the head. Unfortunately, the magnum strip makes for a clumsy head.


ESL-1 – Egg Sucking Leech 1. Tried with Ice Dubbing (Black-Peacock) for the Body. Not bad, and the cone head does cover the bulky head from the magnum strip pver the body.


ESL 2 – Small body and adding at the head and collar:

  • Rubber Legs
  • Red Amherset Tail Fibers (dyed Red)
  • Strong Guinea

I like it.


Emerald Olive Bunny using a Whiting Spey for a Collar Hackle. This was my second attempt at a rabbit fly and my first using a XCut Body. I am using 1/8″ through-out (works), but the spey collar (Whiting Spey) is effective and but not neat.


White Nightmare with Ice Dubbing Body and Copper Ribs


White Bunny using my preferred formula of 3 sections of rabbit > Magnum for the Tail, Standard over the body and XCut for the body.  I kept it simple and just the lateral flash and some silver amherst.


Snealda – Should use stiffer and larger tail fibers.  Right now, I am leading to coarse deer bucktail.


HaleBop – feathers dyed to my eye to blend.  The orange seal dubbing is heavily picked out.  I think I am going to keep this fly, but just converted to a standard steelhead hook.


Winter’s Hope.  Works for me!


Green Highlander Conversion using a long goat overwing.  Be interesting to see how the goat swims-swings when I fish it.


Purchased from Tony Frew




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