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My Workbook – Tying Tubes

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The other considerations not in my notes >

  1. I should be using smaller heads, where possible.
  2. For Arctic Foz, prefer 2XL.
  3. Some of the colours are dyed by me – specifically the Ice Bunny and the Hackle for HaleBop.

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2013/03/10 at 20:33

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Tube flies

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I have been travelling and have not had much time for Winter Steelheading or tying flies. I have recently been trying tube flies, and here are my first flies.  In subsequent postings, I will add notes and lessons.

Ice Bunny – My last tie using rabbit, applying my what became my favourite recipe.

  • Tail – Magnum Rabbit – Ice Blue.
  • Underbody – Blue Tinsel
  • Ribbing – Lightly Dyed Blue Crosscut Rabbit.
  • Over Body – 1/8″ Rabbit
  • Collar – Amherst Fibers and Black Burnt Goose Hackle.


Blue Bunny with a flash hackle under body. An earlier version, but using a Flash Hackle for the body and carrying over the the magmum strip over the body to the head. Unfortunately, the magnum strip makes for a clumsy head.


ESL-1 – Egg Sucking Leech 1. Tried with Ice Dubbing (Black-Peacock) for the Body. Not bad, and the cone head does cover the bulky head from the magnum strip pver the body.


ESL 2 – Small body and adding at the head and collar:

  • Rubber Legs
  • Red Amherset Tail Fibers (dyed Red)
  • Strong Guinea

I like it.


Emerald Olive Bunny using a Whiting Spey for a Collar Hackle. This was my second attempt at a rabbit fly and my first using a XCut Body. I am using 1/8″ through-out (works), but the spey collar (Whiting Spey) is effective and but not neat.


White Nightmare with Ice Dubbing Body and Copper Ribs


White Bunny using my preferred formula of 3 sections of rabbit > Magnum for the Tail, Standard over the body and XCut for the body.  I kept it simple and just the lateral flash and some silver amherst.


Snealda – Should use stiffer and larger tail fibers.  Right now, I am leading to coarse deer bucktail.


HaleBop – feathers dyed to my eye to blend.  The orange seal dubbing is heavily picked out.  I think I am going to keep this fly, but just converted to a standard steelhead hook.


Winter’s Hope.  Works for me!


Green Highlander Conversion using a long goat overwing.  Be interesting to see how the goat swims-swings when I fish it.


Purchased from Tony Frew




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2013/03/10 at 08:08

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