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Reflections of Stockholm

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From my last trip to Stockholm in March, with my objective to focus on reflections.

stockholm 1_DSC5155


stockholm 2a_DSC5171


stockholm 3_DSC5186


stockholm 4_DSC5189


stockholm 6_DSC5200


stockholm 11_DSC5140


stockholm 12_DSC5135


stockholm 13_DSC5122


stokholm 9_DSC5220


stockholm 10_DSC5225


stockholm 7_DSC5207




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2019/06/02 at 21:30

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In my last week photography segment, I noted I will often keep a hat, scarf and gloves in my camera bag. Thus, this week’s segue to gloves and mitts..


In winter, I resist adding a winter coat, but I am quick to put on gloves, scarf, hat, and insulated winter pants. I have found with fly fishing in winter I have become very selective on what gloves I wear in everyday use, as many gloves hinder movement and control.

Many gloves and mitts have a palm pad that restricted contact and movement, which I detest, so my selection is based on practical comfort in use.

So what are the five (5) gloves (and mitts) I rely upon when I leave the house? from the tropics to -40C weather. Starting from the left:

  1. Hand knitted woolen mitts with fleece liners, made by my Mother-In-Law. My warmest pair and my favourite.
  2. Hestra 35111 from Sweden over-mitts (size 8) that are used in a combination of the following two gloves. These mitts add an additional protection against water, wet snow and wind.
  3. Helstra 34130 Heavy Merino Wool Liner Glovers warm and yet, I can still operate the camera.
  4. Filson Woolen Fingerless provides the direct contact to allow me to sense the line and the drift of my fly. I have experiment with many gloves, mitts, and these are my gloves for fishing or when direct contact is important. As the knit is not tight, I do find the end fray and need maintenance. This variant is no longer available, and I cannot vouch for their replacement.

Not shown:

  1. TFO Mangrove fingerless sun gloves when we are fishing in the tropics  to protect my hands when I am out in the sun all day.

And scarfs?

As a child I hated scarfs, as they usually made me itchy! but I have since happily adopted old Merino Wool (vintage) scarfs and Cashmere.

My other advise on a scarf, make sure it is long – 120cm minimum.



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2018/08/11 at 22:35

Zeiss Milvus and more

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There are several different formats of art I appreciate – watercolours, print and very much photography. Of the three, it is photography that is a continuous draw.

So yes, I have made the migration to digital, though trying to hang onto to Black+White on film, but this issue is time.

After many years using the Nikon D600 there are a couple of features on the higher end cameras that I would like – wifi interconnectivity and more focus points – that I had no anticipated when I bought the Nikon.

In this journey, I have settle on the Zeiss (prime) Lens as I want the precise manual focus control, but really like the transition from sharp to soft. And of recent, I completed my collection with the purchase of the Milvus.

So a sampling of my images of recent and some old, illustrating what I like to do with my “seeing”. In all cases, I have cropped and reduce the image to 700pixels, but otherwise no other photo-editing.

For those images not in my backyard, I have identify the location.

The Milvus 50mm Macro

From Yesterday, a tree frog on the sheets last night. Here, I keep the depth of field short to put emphasis on the eyes.

frog 1_DSC2976

frog 2_DSC2978

and earlier, showing a sharp image across the sensor, and ability to hold a strong edge.

DSC_7606 Hosta BW

and continuing with black and white and using what the camera and lens can do

BW DWW_0831

and from my initial experiments showing the blend from sharp to soft. The fancy term is describe this is bokeh.  You need to pick which you prefer.  Judy uses the third image as her background on here computer.

f4 c DSC_7075

f8 c DSC_7077

f22 c DSC_7080

and my background?

dragonfly DWW_9033

Zeiss Distagon 25mm

Then there is my 25mm Zeiss lens. In the world of  high end lens, this lens does not get a lot of love, but I picked for its strength of great wide close-in images, which I did in the following pictures.

bes DWW_4122

bes DWW_4134

taj walkin_7264

Of course, India


Hamburg, Germany

stockholm 7 DWW_1406

stockholm 8 DWW_1421

stockholm 4 DWW_1347

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

ireland 3 IMG_0431

South Coast, Ireland

And returning home, the Zeiss Distagon is not a slouch for landscape

bw DWW_0696

But when I look for grand landscapes, I look for wider, so my new acquisition

Zeiss Milvus 18mm

Between storms 3 days ago, which I have to transform to Black & White.

between storm DSC2949 BW

iPhone 6

and then there is the iPhone, which I also maintain is a good landscape camera

2 IMG_3123 1200

St Malo, France

ireland 1IMG_0418

South Coast (Copper Coast), Ireland



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2018/07/29 at 20:09

Matt or David – Office Lord

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No offense to Chris or Peter, but who is your favourite Time Lord РMatt Smith or David Tenant.  And can you make your decision without considering their companions (Karen G, Alex or Catherine Tate!).

matt 700


With a slight node, given the difficult relationship with River Song and his ability to wear a bow tie, I will let Matt Smith watch over my workspace.


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2018/07/29 at 02:43

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Albums please

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Okay, I earlier announced my migration from iTunes to albums given the complexity-inconsistency of the application of digital-rights as time moves on. In the past week, I have found another reason –¬†I like listening to albums, as I walk-run.

So I finally getting back to a balance life and getting to spend time doing some long-distance walk with limited running.  My cardio is hanging in, but my leg muscles need some work. So after my 7th consecutive day, I am finding I prefer to take my 60+ minutes pushing my body listening to an album that is well-strung together, such as

  • Chris de Burgh – Spanish Train or Crusader
  • Alan Parson Project – Eve, I Robot

I still think (suspect) great albums are being made, but as the focus has shifted to tunes, I am not sure the same focus is on a theme for many album, but a collection of pop songs.

So I need to rethink-return to Album listening and build a new library, that appreciates well crafted albums.


Todays’ work-out in Johannesburg.

Oh yes, I really enjoy listening to many classical pieces, especially some of the more modern interpretative work – think Quiet City by Aaron Copland – but it is not music for me to walk-run hard to.

Same for Oscar Peterson, enjoying listening to it, but not when pushing myself.




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2018/04/24 at 23:15

Buy CDs > my disenchanted with music downloads

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 After several years, actually more than a decade, of using iTunes, I have returned to return to buying CDs, and ignore the iTunes store as if it does not exist. Fortunately for classical music, Arkiv Music remains.

For popular music, I will rely upon second-hand stores or buy direct from the artist.

Hint, I recommend Danny Michel’s Khlebnikov.

Danny Michel IMG_1439

With 400+ CDs, and playlists that span hours, I am not looking to buy *much* more music, as such I am far from making a dent in lost revenue.

So what are my experiences that has me walked away? The changing digital rights and application policies, were any playlist or music that I select may or may not be available, when I am in a plane or out in the plains of Africa. The model is US centric, assumes we all have access to high speed internet and will use the same device for 5 decades.  Heck РI am near a major high-tech center and I am thank you when the medium speed internet is up and Apple only supports their devices for 3-4 years.

It can be what I downloaded ten years ago is no longer transferrable, as I exceed the limited number of transfer rights, after replacing yet another cell-phone.  So yes, I have now had to buy the song twice. This was compounded by the having change my email address, as my mail server from ten years is no longer online.  So yes, I have had to buy songs twice.

Or sometimes it just does not play, and then for some unknown reason later it will! (I have s3 Erik Satie piano pieces that are available less than 1/2 time I want to hear them, so there is a useless 3$ investment).  So why is it available less than 1/2 time I am want to hear it?  Does it re-authenticate my rights? Is it dependent on my last check is within a time period, or I must have an active connection and be logged into Apple. I do not know and I do not want to spend my time trying to debug the limits being imposed.

In short, I will buy the music Рon media, so I can listen to it, without the hassle imposed by any company. I am not wanting to sell it, or give it away, I just want to be able to listen to it, for my interest, when I want to.

Goodbye iTunes and goodbye digital new right policies, as this experiment is dead.


CD IMG_1437

I will continue with PodCasts, which have not impose the restrictions.

I will continue using my small iPod, so I can listen to the radio, podcasts or music when I fishing, in a plane or relaxing after a journey.


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2018/04/04 at 23:38

Firefox – the web browser to connect when traveling

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Airport, hotels, restaurants et cetera often present additional login screens to connect. I have found the automated forwarding is hampered by Google’s Chrome and IE’s Explorer, often making login the act of connecting difficult, time consuming or sometimes impossible.

Fortunately, Firefox is more accommodating and will present the dialogue box you need to connect into another network.

Keep Firefox on your phone, iPad and PC.




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2017/11/14 at 03:15

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