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12 panoramas of Northern France

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Between work travel and tying many many saltwater flies, I have not posted frequently.  But on my last work trip, I used my iPhone 6 panorama feature to record my day off around St Malo, the home of Jacques Cartier, and Mont St Michel.

1 IMG_3113 1200

Beach around St Malo, with wind surfer using the wind.

2 IMG_3123 1200

Not  a warm beach day, but very beautiful

3 IMG_3129 1200

4 IMG_3144 1200

5 IMG_3169 1200


7 IMG_3204 1200

Inside the walls of St Malo

8 IMG_3212 1200

Jacques Cartier statue

9 IMG_3223 1200

My selfie amongst the chimney pots

10 IMG_3242 1200

11 IMG_3268 1200

Mont St Michel, yes, I would go back.

12 IMG_3358 1200

View from Mont St Michel looking north-west, just before you enter the cathedral.

13 IMG_3403 1200

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2016/05/01 at 22:37

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My Camera Bag

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I have been using a Crumpler 6M Dollar Bag, which has been excellent (and the customer service is excellent), but has one flaw, I really cannot fit in my ipad.  So I have gotten myself a ONA Street Bag and updated it for my travels.  What is in this bag, starting from the left ….

Camera Bag IMG_2822 x700

  • ONA Waxed Cotton Messenger Bag – I do not like camera bags that look like camera bags. Good bag, but would like 2 additional features:
    • Another inch depth in the laptop sleeve for laptop + ipad
    • A loop in the front pocket to clip accessories.
  • Nikon D600 – Zeiss Milvus 50mm f2 Makro-Planar
    • + Crumpler Wrist Strap – strongly recommended
    • + 67mm B+W KSM C-Polarizer for the 50mms
    • If the polarizer is not on, then a protective clear B+W filter is on.
  • Zeiss 25mm f2 with a thin ring clear B+W protective filter.
  • Filter Case for unused filter on the 50mm lens.
  • Spare Batteries for 2 Cameras.
    • Nikon D600 + Battery Charger
    • Nikon AW100 – Waterproof. This camera get little use, so to save space, I do not include the charger.
  • Lifetrons Universal Power Adapter with 2 USB Charging Ports. No longer made, but highly recommended.  If I am going to South Africa or India, I also include my wide 2 pin adapter.
  •  Nikon AW100 – If I am worry about security or wet weather, I use this camera that is tucked in the outer side pocket.
  • Business Cards – mine Employeer’s and Mine
  • Morphie PowerStation (for iphone, ipad and local wifi adapter)
  • Ipad (purple case) and sitting on top and to the right:
    • Moleskins Notebook (small as shown or medium)
    • Passport
    • Wallet – (Backup cards are kept elsewhere)
    • Acme Pen (present from Tesla (daughter))
  • Etymotic Headset for Cell-Phone
  • Lanyard with
    • USB Memory Stock x2
    • Office Security Fob
    • Travel Charm from Kyoto Shrine (Caitlan’s (other daughter urging))
  • Purple Bag (it is Dack Shoes Bag not Crown Royal), holding a collection of important little support-backup items, including:
    • iPad file transfer connectors
    • Apple USB Cables – iPhone and iPad
    • USB Cable to D600, which also serves to recharge the Morphie
    • Power Cable for the D600 Charger
    • D600 Charge goes into the bag to.
    • D600 DK21 Eyepiece Cover – as I always knock them off.

Missing from the Picture:

  • iPhone

What else that I might add to the kit:

  • If I am going to India or South Africa, the wide 2 prong power adapter
  • Keyboard for the iPad.
  • Laptop in lieu of iPad
  • Tabletop Tripod.
  • MonoPod – also makes an effective staff (think security)
  • A local Pocket Wifi Adapter
  • A Comb!

Now the confession. I have other bag(s) that are linked to:

  • Sinar f2 4×5
  • Wista 4×5 field camera
  • Filters +  This last bad transcends all cameras and is associated with using the tripod (I have 2), which includes my Lee Filter System.

I am not sure this is progress, with have the weight being consumed by modern electronics.  But here it is.


Why no film. I retired by Nikon FM2 when I could no longer shoot Kodachrome.  For my return to Black and White, I will keep with the Sinar and Wista and go back to slow contemplative photography.



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Ireland May 2015

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While I posted some pictures on facebook, I never did blog some of my pictures of Ireland from May of this year. In fact, I still need to do a final edit and select the ten best.  But rather than continual delay, here are some of the notable pictures taken in Ireland with Tesla, Scott and Judy.

My favourite panorama

ireland 1IMG_0418

Tesla and Scott on the rocks – yes, they are small

ireland 2 IMG_0436

ireland 10 IMG_0475

Clouds on the beach v

ireland 3 IMG_0431 ireland 3a DWW_2943

^ Judy walking on Clouds

ireland 5 DWW_3362

ireland 4 DWW_3332

Show those teeth!

I prefer a stout!  (I do not care what they say, A stout is always easier to down than a hairy fruit!)

ireland 6 DWW_3290

Good service! and it was!

ireland 8 IMG_0422

ireland 7 IMG_0483

Last night, watching the sunset before we take the train back into Dublin.

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2015/09/23 at 22:54

Small Fly Fishing Kit

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Fly-Fishing can be a bulky endeavour – rods, waders, boots, and hundreds of flies. So I have been working to reduce-reduce and reduce, so I can take a small kit with me on my travels. So here is my current answer:

  • No Waders and Boots – so I must keep to the shore and the edges of water.
  • Jacket and Hat  – my regular Gore-Tex jacket.
  • Fly-Rods + Reel: 9′ 5pc (9wt and 5wt) – will fit in my regular check in luggage.
  • Fishing Bag, as below.

travel kit fish DWW_4690

Fishpond Bag – with the large back pocket holding:

  • Maui Polarized Sunglasses
  • Waterproof Camera
  • Buff – with sunscreen and hat provides the protection I need from sun and insects
  • Flies – Either tube bunnies or one box dry flies

On the bag’s side – floatant, tippet (2x-6x) and nippers.

On the bag’s front – a rare earth magnet – as previously reported a catch all convenience to hold flies on the stream as I can things around.

travel fish kit DWW_4702

The most open pocket holds:

  • Leaders for Dry Flies – 7.5′ (4x pocket water) and 9′ in (5x flat water).
  • Leaders for Streamers – often stubby dry fly leaders, conditioned
  • Furled Leader – 12′ Leader
  • Seaguar Fluorocarbon Tippet – 3x (streamer) and 5x (nymph)
  • Maxima Chameleon Tippet – 12lb 
  • 3x Glasses and Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Scissors, Needle with a thread loop
  • Licenses

Streamers and Nymphs on the Foam Patch:

travel fish kit DWW_4710

tracvel kit fish DWW_4692

Moving to the outer edge, the front flap, we have tools used to support me when I need to release a fish:

  • Foreceps
  • Leahterman Multitool Juice S4 that includes pliers, siccors and a knife

fish travel kit DWW_4713

Under the flap are some stream side accessories

  • Insect Repellent
  • Weight – Tin Shot and Mud to treat nymph leaders
  • Floats – either home made or “pin” style
  • note picture shows the rare earth magnet

travel fish kit DWW_4693

And in the one dry fly box, given I do not know what water I will be on, I keep soe generic, but favourite flies that span a wide range  – starting in the top left and going clockwise – in varying colours and sizes:

travel kit fish DWW_4603

Is there anything missing, yeah, but right now the only thing I am wishing to add are:


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2015/09/13 at 00:51

Stockholm – Thielska Gallery – Pictures through Ports

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This week, the sun has been out, but never-the-less, it has been a precious resource this winter in Stockholm. Friends here, knowing my appreciation for art suggested the Thielska Gallery, which is an absolute gem – small collection and very excellent collection.

Anyway, here are some pictures from January 17, playing with light in windows, frames, doorways at the Thielska Gallery.

thielska 1

thielska 2

thielska 3

thielska 4

thielska 5

thielska 6

thielska 7

There is a fine collection of Edvard Munch, but after seeing more of his work, I do not believe the scream is his most “distrubed” work.  Yes, The Scream is open and forceful, but there are other faceless works that show a greater sense of despair.  I will note he has a similar colour palate as Van Gogh (later work) and similarity in patterns also come out.

thielska munch 10

Winter, northern light and the outdoors are major themes here.

thielska 8

thielska window 9

One of my favourite watercolourist is Carl Larsson and there were several excellent painting’s of his here.  Worth returning to study in more detail, (when) if I get back to painting.

thielska 12

I will let Judy picked which of the two she prefers.  The ligthing was changing quickly, so I had little time to compose get the angles right.  The first (third shot) does not have me smiling, but includes the exterior window.  The next (second shot) is a better portrait, but I am not as well placed (there were few options, as the shadows were dropping).

thielska 14

thielska 13

thielska 15

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Stockholm – 9 Pictures – As summer ends

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I have been kept very busy for the past 3 weeks, with no signs of easing for weeks to come. Last week I was in Stockholm, and got out in the mornings to walk and on Saturday into Gamla Stan. Here are 9 snapshots

Part of my morning walk around the inlet. On one morning, I saw a fisherman bring in an Atlantic Salmon.

stockholm 1c 700 DWW_1276

Another morning, with the sun rising and the fog heavy made me think of Monet images of the sun and train stations.

stockholm 2 DWW_1301

On Saturday before my departure, I walked into Gamla Stan (but not going to Finland). First stop was the Photography Musuem, a well run gallery, but much of the work does not fit into my liking.

stockholm 3 DWW_1316

Gamla Stan, old Stockholm has many shops, but I found the smaller and more deserted streets had more charm

stockholm 4 DWW_1347

and some cool windows (I have more), but keeping the snapshots to 9.

stockholm 5 DWW_1376

stockholm 6 DWW_1377

stockholm 7 DWW_1406

stockholm 8 DWW_1421

A window in Sodermalm, on my way back to Hammerby

stockholm 9DWW_1428

Next week is Vancouver.


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My new tan dress shoes

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dress shoes DWW_0752

I infrequenctly need to wear a jacket, but I do – either with dark grey or tan (camel) pants. Grey is easy to match with black shoes, but trying to find a pair of leather tan dress shoes to match has been a no go. Black is the standard, but black shoes with tan pants – no! Dark red browns are available to, but wrong tone. Ugh. So I have been looking for months for a nice tan all leather shoe for a 10 1/2 E foot. There are a few models available, and the two that I have found did not fit (they did not have 10 1/2 in stock). I am not incline to spend 300-500$ for an unfitted shoe off the internet.

So I this is what I going with, until a magic days happens and a store has a nice pair of tan leather dress shoes in stock.


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