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Judy’s Lutra Laker

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lutra laker IMG_7631

First, this is not an easy boat to build from plans, if you never built a boat. You have to learn how to interpret plans into a 3D shape, build forms, et cetera.  Yes, there are instructions and a video, but some experience is strongly recommended.

Now, this is not my boat, but my wife’s – Judy. She built it and I supported her, but I am the “blogger in the family”, but she is the Captain!

As you can see in the video, it is on the water, after several months (built across 2 summers) it is running. There are finishing touches to be made, but it sea-worthy.

My summary is it an excellent boat for inland waters, and better than any production boat in its class.  So the points:

  • Wood, it rides well and carves through the water (fun).
  • It is stable, I am very comfortable and standing on the front desk and casting.
  • Lots of space for the day.
  • It runs 20 knots + on 10hp, so it does not eat fuel.

So we been taking it out on local water, before I begin my fall travel period (I leave Saturday).

Changes and suggestions:

  • Judy’s change to a low profile hatch was perfect.
  • Gas tank will be staying to the back, as Judy (the Captain) likes when I sit low on the floor and place my legs under the front deck. For me, it feels sporty, and she gets a clear view and the ride is smoother for those long runs.  Now we need to create a little seat.
  • Looking to add a trolling motor, and the transom could have been wider OR the top of the side wells flat to hold the motor.
  • Transom could be 5cm taller for better propeller placement.

Maybe before the season is over, I will get some detail images up.




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2017/09/20 at 06:08

Spring snow

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It may be spring, but we are still seeing snow.  From last night, the snow on the trees before sunrise, with the glow of dawn through the dark forest.



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2017/03/25 at 16:13

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Barred Owl – Spring Snowfall

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Sitting around the bird feeder.

OWL_DSC8709 c.jpg

owl_DSC8811 a.jpg


patiently watching the squirrels feeding below




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2017/03/24 at 22:59

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Ruffed Grouse – Close-Up

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Yesterday, a Ruffed Grouse flew hard into the window yesterday, and though sad, the death was quick, and we harvest the breast (nice off the barbeque) and features for future fishing flies. It was a beautiful bird and here are some close ups of the feathers.



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2016/10/01 at 20:25

Red Maple

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We all have our personal signs for the seasons and a significant one for me, is the red-orange maple. So yesterday, saw the first red maple leaf on our property.



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2016/09/11 at 20:54

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End of Summer Flowers

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From day to day the changes in the sunlight is noticeable, and though still intense in the day, the length of the solar day is quickly disappearing as we approach autumn.

So what remains is the last blooms of the summer.



700 phloz_DSC8027.jpg

I am truly been impressed with the Phlox this year, and I guess it shows how nice they can be, when the deer do not eat them.


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2016/09/09 at 19:27

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Daylily – Yellow

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It is August 1, and my daylilies have past their peak. Never-the-less, what remains shows the colour and luminance that I have strived for.

daylily DSC_7944.jpg

daylily yellow DSC_7951.jpg

Is it hard to pick a favourite flower, but daylilies do rate on my list, not just for colour and endurance in Eastern Ontario, but also I have flowers from my father and it is the bed that Caitlan (daughter) helped me create.

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2016/08/01 at 22:27

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