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Red Maple

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We all have our personal signs for the seasons and a significant one for me, is the red-orange maple. So yesterday, saw the first red maple leaf on our property.



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2016/09/11 at 20:54

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James Green 7wt 10′ DH Update

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An update on my setup with James Green DH 7wt 10′ setup. In the last few months, I have moved over to OPST Commando Heads. With a Snap T Spey Cast and the short aggressive head it is allowing me to get the fly, with the trees on my back.

You need a relaxed cast, and I still amazed at how light the rod is, so it is fun rod for small crowded rivers.


Right now I have a 350 gr line + MOW Medium Tips, but I am looking to order and try a heavier line (I have tried lighter lines, but the 350 is the best fit of the lines I do have on hand).

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2016/09/10 at 05:22

End of Summer Flowers

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From day to day the changes in the sunlight is noticeable, and though still intense in the day, the length of the solar day is quickly disappearing as we approach autumn.

So what remains is the last blooms of the summer.



700 phloz_DSC8027.jpg

I am truly been impressed with the Phlox this year, and I guess it shows how nice they can be, when the deer do not eat them.


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2016/09/09 at 19:27

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One of the disappointments in North America Fly Tying supplies is Coq De Leon feathers for dry flies. These feathers are famous for tails on dry flies for their “stiff spring” and color-markings.

Yesterday, I receive the best (and good) Coq De Leon feathers from Troutline.ro and with a brief handling, would definitely would order more.

If there was any issue with the order process, was trying to translate the Spanish Hen names to the actual colour-markings.  As such, I order probably more than I needed and for others, post pictures of what I received (still in the package, so the colours are muted with the reflective ziplock bag covering the fly).

From left to right:

  • Tostado
  • Corzuno Oscuro – Nice for dark tails
  • Flor de Escoba – Yes, Sulphurs
  • Aconchado – Yes, for Adams
  • Corzuno Rojito – Yes, for March Browns

700  2 C de Leon_DSC8059.jpg

Closer in


Closer in with Corzuno Oscuro on the left and flor de escoba on the right.


and on the far right Corzuno Rojito.

700 _DSC8064.jpg

Oh yes, their hand tied flies are excellent too and much better than most volume tied flies available today in the fly fishing shop.

700 2_DSC8060.jpg

I would be more than happy to use their flies exclusively for the few times, I do nymph.

The only reason to tie, for to enable an infinite variety, but they offer a fine selection to start a trout fisherman out with.





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2016/09/09 at 19:10

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Root Beer Gotacha s

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Over the past 3 months, tied over 200 flies for Judy and I, in preparation for our trip to the Bahamas this December; and it is time to stop.  We have enough, and ideally, what we have will work, but I doubt tying more will make us any better fisher-people or improve the fishing.

I have  mixture of light and heavy, from small to large, in many colours.

In general bonefish flies are the simplest to tie.  You do not need many different threads, but Danville 6/0 thread is excellent.

The old standard hooks from Mustad (34007) are dull, but with a good Japanese Feather Edge Saw File, you can make this hooks sharp!  I got my files from Lee Valley, which I will state are better than any hook sharpening file you are going to get at a fishing store.  Otherwise, I would suggest Daiichi 2546 hook (in silver) or Gamakatsu SL45 (black).  For long shank hooks, I still have not made my mind up what is best for the salt.

rootbeer g DSC_8002.jpg

rootbeer g DSC_7987.jpg

Since, I took a picture of these flies, I completed tying brown gotachas and light olive spawning shrimp – EP style.

So, time to work on some other endeavors.





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2016/08/14 at 23:37

Spawning Shrimp – Peterson’s

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A few quick pictures, to continue with showing my current output, starting with the light sand shrimp from small (34007 size 6 with bead chain eyes) to large (34007 2 with 5/32 Dazl Eyes).

box spawning DSC_7955.jpg

large tan DSC_7969.jpg

I also tied these in brown (tan) with a weed guard, from small to large, with the hope these will blend like a natural on the darker sea floors.

Brown closeup DSC_7968.jpg

One of the best YouTube tricks I picked up was tying in the weedguard, at the 19:30 time mark.

Medium Brown Group DSC_7978.jpg

Anyway that’s all for now.





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2016/08/09 at 04:54

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Daylily – Yellow

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It is August 1, and my daylilies have past their peak. Never-the-less, what remains shows the colour and luminance that I have strived for.

daylily DSC_7944.jpg

daylily yellow DSC_7951.jpg

Is it hard to pick a favourite flower, but daylilies do rate on my list, not just for colour and endurance in Eastern Ontario, but also I have flowers from my father and it is the bed that Caitlan (daughter) helped me create.

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2016/08/01 at 22:27

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