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Root Beer Gotacha s

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Over the past 3 months, tied over 200 flies for Judy and I, in preparation for our trip to the Bahamas this December; and it is time to stop.  We have enough, and ideally, what we have will work, but I doubt tying more will make us any better fisher-people or improve the fishing.

I have  mixture of light and heavy, from small to large, in many colours.

In general bonefish flies are the simplest to tie.  You do not need many different threads, but Danville 6/0 thread is excellent.

The old standard hooks from Mustad (34007) are dull, but with a good Japanese Feather Edge Saw File, you can make this hooks sharp!  I got my files from Lee Valley, which I will state are better than any hook sharpening file you are going to get at a fishing store.  Otherwise, I would suggest Daiichi 2546 hook (in silver) or Gamakatsu SL45 (black).  For long shank hooks, I still have not made my mind up what is best for the salt.

rootbeer g DSC_8002.jpg

rootbeer g DSC_7987.jpg

Since, I took a picture of these flies, I completed tying brown gotachas and light olive spawning shrimp – EP style.

So, time to work on some other endeavors.





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2016/08/14 at 23:37

Spawning Shrimp – Peterson’s

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A few quick pictures, to continue with showing my current output, starting with the light sand shrimp from small (34007 size 6 with bead chain eyes) to large (34007 2 with 5/32 Dazl Eyes).

box spawning DSC_7955.jpg

large tan DSC_7969.jpg

I also tied these in brown (tan) with a weed guard, from small to large, with the hope these will blend like a natural on the darker sea floors.

Brown closeup DSC_7968.jpg

One of the best YouTube tricks I picked up was tying in the weedguard, at the 19:30 time mark.

Medium Brown Group DSC_7978.jpg

Anyway that’s all for now.





Written by raspberryfisher

2016/08/09 at 04:54

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Daylily – Yellow

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It is August 1, and my daylilies have past their peak. Never-the-less, what remains shows the colour and luminance that I have strived for.

daylily DSC_7944.jpg

daylily yellow DSC_7951.jpg

Is it hard to pick a favourite flower, but daylilies do rate on my list, not just for colour and endurance in Eastern Ontario, but also I have flowers from my father and it is the bed that Caitlan (daughter) helped me create.

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2016/08/01 at 22:27

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Crazy Leg Gotchas

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For light sand flats – some subtle to in your face chartreuse.  The more subtle flies are with light weights.

crazy leg gotchas DSC_7871.jpg

crazy leg gotcha DSC_7868.jpg

If there is any other comment, I have seen flies with this name with the rubber legs tied at the rear and on top of the hair (fur). With a little experimentation, I decided to place the legs at the front to allow for movement, but under the wind, so it is not suppressing the wing.

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2016/08/01 at 16:41

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Root Beer Bonefish Flies

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Small “root beer” flies for bonefish. I am being a little creative with the photographs, but also to create the impresson a fly can present in water with backlighting.

bonefish brown 1a DSC_7881.jpg

bonefish 2a DSC_7882.jpg

bonefish 3 DSC_7883.jpg



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2016/08/01 at 01:33

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the other Clousers for the Bahamas

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pink clouser DSC_7834.jpgfox clouser DSC_7839.jpg.


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2016/07/31 at 10:22

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perfect lighting

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Just as I drove into our driveway, the sun light on the roadside garden was just perfect. Pulled out the cellphone and a quick picture. If the light is just as nice tonight, maybe I can capture a high resolution image.

just perfect IMG_4197.jpg

Never-the-less, this capture the colours I have been working to!.

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2016/07/31 at 00:21

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